The next few months are going to be cold. It’s time to wrap up those outdoor projects and shift focus to the indoor ones. If you are like us, you have a list with plenty. One of those projects on your list might be changing up your kitchen lighting setup. We’ve had quite a bit of experience with kitchen lighting from remodels to new construction and have some suggestions on what you can do yourself and what you might want to leave to the Pros. We have some simple suggestions, some more advanced ideas and some major overhauls to get your creative juices flowing. Keep in mind that more expensive does not always mean better these days. Technology has advanced so much, so go with what you like and what works best for you.

Keep It Simple

Under cabinet puck lightingThe first options are simple things that you can do with minimal, if any, cutting or drilling. You can literally change the look of your kitchen in minutes with these.

Puck LED lights are great if you are looking for a fast change or maybe even just wanting to try out something new. These small adhesive backed and battery operated lights can be hidden under or inside cupboards to provide a wonderful accent to any kitchen. 

Rope LED Bars and Ropes are another fairly inexpensive and easy option to add both extra lighting and some excitement. Often time placed hidden under your cupboards, these lights have a beautiful even light coverage and usually have many different settings for brightness and sometimes even color. 

Some Assembly Required

Track Lighting For Kitchen - Lux Electric Ankeny, Iowa Track Lighting for Kitchen - Lux Electric West Des Moines, IowaThese options might take a bit more work, but don’t let that scare you. Follow the directions and you will be fine.

A sconce is a great way to add both light and ambiance to your kitchen. We don’t recommend using it as the main light source in your kitchen, but it will surely add a nice decorative feel to a nice open kitchen wall.

Track lighting is another great option for a kitchen with plenty of wall space. You can find different sizes and bulb counts to make it easy. A great side benefit to track lighting is being able to adjust the beams of light. A few common places for track lights in the kitchen are right over the sink or by a piece of art so you can use the adjustable heads to focus the lights where you want them. Track lighting has come a long way since the 1980s, so don’t let the term deter you from checking out some of the beautiful options that have hit the market. 

Call a Buddy

Sometimes the job just requires an extra set of hands. Time to call in that favor.

Maybe you are thinking about changing out, or installing, a whole new overhead light fixture. With the right tools, knowledge, and that friend to help, the job could be much more simple than you think. Stores these days have countless options to choose from. You can pick the color, amount and style of lights, the shape, and maybe you want a fan as well. The choices are nearly endless. Some of these can take some time and be a bit tricky, so go slow, read the instructions and get it right the first time.

Hire a Professional

Some of these ideas above are simple and hardly need an explanation, however you should never be hesitant to reach out with questions or for advice from a professional at any time. From simple things like asking for a second opinion on sizing to dangerous things like installing new outlets and electrical lines let us take care of you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! 

If your juices are flowing and you think that recessed lighting is the way you want to go to modernize and brighten up your kitchen, give us a call. We recommend that you hire a Pro if ceiling cutting, new wiring, and lights in a place you don’t have existing wires for is involved. 

Now with these ideas in mind go take a nice look at your kitchen and ask yourself what it needs. Your local hardware store will be expecting you soon!