As the days get shorter you might find yourself in the market for a new outdoor lighting set-up. Outdoor lighting can help make the transition from day into formidable night a bit more palpable. There is a wide array of options to choose from such as, overhead lighting, wall fixtures, weather safe lamps, and table fixtures. Whatever your aesthetic may be, there is a lighting option for you. 

The first thing to consider when you start your outdoor lighting endeavors is your climate, environment, and what you already have to work with. Once you get those down there is a plethora of options for wherever or whatever you have.

Here are a few:

String lights are great for their versatility, such as wrapping banisters, framing an area, or suspending above patios for a dreamy look. They are easy to set up and take down. If you’re looking for lighting with very little installation these are definitely the lights for you. These lights are also very budget friendly! You can purchase some at:

string lighting outdoor lighting - Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa




The best atmospheric lighting would definitely be lanterns/hurricane lamps. They’re installation process is very beginner friendly. Most hurricane lamps can be easily moved from place to place depending on where you’re at outside.  However, electric lanterns will work best in fixed locations with little to no movement. You can purchase a lantern at:  lantern outdoor lighting - Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa




Hanging lamps, or “pendant” lamps procure a very homey feeling for any outdoor space. It can be the central focus of a patio, or just to bring some brightness to a dark corner. Pendant lamps should usually be anchored in one spot to prevent constant handling. You can purchase a pendant lamp at: hanging lamp outdoor lighting - Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa







Sconces are great fixed fixtures that can add ambience and distinguish one area from another. It’s also lovely for paths on a fence. They come in a variety of styles that are great for mixing and matching. Fairly easy to install on fences but would recommend professional help if they are adorning a wall. You can purchase the sconce’s pictured at: Sconce outdoor lighting - Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa






The one caveat of outdoor lighting is the many safety measures that need to be considered. Most installations if not all, depending on your skill, are not to be done by yourself. With the exception of string lights or moveable lanterns, it is best to hire a professional electrician. If you are to attempt any of these, here are some things to consider when installing. Always use a bulb that is rated for outdoor use. Check your fixtures to see if they are rated suitable for “wet locations.” Fixtures should always be flush and have no loose wires. If using an outlet outside, it is vital that it is GFCI-protected to stave off electrical shock. 


Bulb safety is a whole other ball park in itself. It is highly important to use bulbs with the correct type of wattage, suitable for whatever fixture you are using. Bulbs with excessive wattage that do not match the fixture can result in a fire hazard. For fixtures that are set in fixed out of reach places, it is wise to install bulbs with extended life spans to reduce the time taken to reach potentially dangerous heights. 


Outdoor lighting is always a great choice if you’re wanting to up your backyard game. Why not make your outside as comfortable and cozy as the inside.