TrackLight LED for Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa

Color remote controlled LED strips are the biggest trend in the lighting world as of now. One reason their popularity continues to rise is due to the social media site, TikTok. Young users from the platform skyrocketed with admiration for what the Daily Dot calls “Gen-Z’s version of fairy lights”. Although a large percent of their popularity resides with the teen population, they have surely gained approval from many other demographics as well. With options consisting of every color in the rainbow that add lots of fun or your regular yellow or white lighting strips to add some accent to the room, LEDS can fit any aesthetic at any time.


FullRoomLED for Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa

The higher quality version of these lights have the ability to mix colors together to create the perfect mood. Other benefits such as timers, dimming patterns, and strobe buttons all add to the mystique of LED strips. Their simple application process definitely adds to the popularity of this product. Whether you buy a more cheaper option from Walmart or a custom  setup from a higher end online store, you should expect a roll of LEDs with sticky backing. This makes it extremely easy to customize their look for you in order put them anywhere. So, where can you buy these? Almost anywhere these days it seems! No matter what your budget, there is certainly an option for you in your price range. Here are 3 picks from lowest to highest in price : 


  1. Walmart Monster Multi-Color USB Lights 

Starting at only $4.99

Free Delivery

  1. Amazon’s Tenmiro LED Lights

Starting at $31.99

Best reviewed on Amazon

  1. Bee’s Lighting Neon LED Light Strip

Starting at $2,155.71

5 Year Warranty


There are hundreds of more options depending on how many feet you need, the style you prefer, and what kind of colors you would like. Now go and get started on customizing your lighting today!