Unless you are living in the dark ages, it is probably safe to assume your home has at least one electrical source. Regardless of the size or quantity of electrical products you use, you must ALWAYS know basic electrical safety. Sourced from Plymouth Rock Electrical, quoted from the National Fire Protection Association, “U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated annual average of 47,820 reported home structure fires in 2007-2011. All started by electrical malfunctions. The Electrical Safety Foundation International found that each day, seven children must be treated for injuries caused by electrical shock”.

You do not want to be a statistic, and nor does anyone else residing in your home such as a child or a significant other. Take the time to gain knowledge and educate yourself about basic safety, so you can keep you and your loved ones safe.

Water Exposure Electrical Safety Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa


  • Preventing Water Exposure


Any amount of water or liquid being exposed to electricity is always dangerous. Water conducts electricity, so if you accidentally drop a plug into it, it can be a very dangerous mix. Clean spills and other accidents immediately and do not let them sit near electronics. 




  • Stray Away From Overloaded OutletsOverloaded Outlet Electrical Safety Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa

When looking at your basic three pronged outlet, it’s imperative to know that they are designed to deliver a very specific amount of electricity. If too many devices are plugged in, a small fire or explosion is very possible. Use a power strip for more than one device.





  • Extension Cord Electrical Safety Lux Electric West Des Moines, IowaAvoiding Extension Cords


Extension cords often cause tripping and damage to outlets. If using extension cords are a necessity for you, look into installing more outlets throughout your residence.






Damaged Cord Electrical Safety Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa

  • Replacing/Repairing Damaged Cords

No matter what, a cord that has been damaged from water, stripping, nicks, must HAS to be replaced or repaired. If it is not impossible to quickly replace it, invest in electrical tape for a quick solution.





Outlet Caps Electrical Safety Lux Electric West Des Moines, Iowa

  • Hazard Proofing (with small children)

Infants love to explore and we can’t always watch them every waking minute. So it’s with the best intention to prevent hazards with a few simple actions. Apply safety caps to all electrical outlets. Tie up loose cords or extensions. Do not allow any metal objects within metal reach that they could possibly stick into an electrical source.




Although these 5 basic tips do not cover all of the depth that goes into electrical safety, they are definitely CRUCIAL to staying safe. Keep your family, yourself, and your home protected with these simple precautions.