It is summertime and your backyard is calling your name. Do you love to have bonfires, sit in your hot tub, or host cornhole tournaments? What better way to enjoy all of these activities than creating a fantastic outdoor living space for your friends and family! We here at Lux Electric have had the privilege of making outdoor spaces come to life and be the perfect place for hosting. Here’s some fun ideas to think about to make your outdoor space more appealing!

Set of handmade wicker lamps hanging on long rope between metal poles on roofLight It Up

You may think that outdoor spaces are difficult to light up. One trick to doing this well is to layer your lighting. Outdoor bulb lighting is beautiful when draped over a seating area for your guests to relax and socialize. Have you ever thought about adding lamps to your outdoor tables? Thinking outside the box to layer your lighting can really help the space feel extravagant and look beautiful. There are also many ways to light up your landscaping that Lux can install like spotlights, stair lights, deck lights, or specialty lights. Lighting up your outdoor space can elevate the aesthetic of your home and help you to enjoy the space even more!

Get Rid of Pesky Extension CordsPalm Trees Near Projection Screen during Nighttime

One of the hardest things about entertaining outside is a lack of plug-ins. When you want to plug in your speaker or a projector for a fun movie night, you might be stuck getting a long extension cord out and hooking it up to outlets located on the outside of your home or in the garage. Lux can make this easier for you by installing outlets throughout your deck and patio space. Separate boxes and dedicated outlets not only allow you to plug in any fun accessories for the night but also allows your guests to utilize phone chargers, laptop chargers, and any other technology that they may bring without the hassle of needing to go inside the house or take a plug in from something else. Adding power to your outdoor space will definitely add a level of sophistication to your gatherings.

Tilt Lens Photography of Black Wooden TableMake Your Space Your Own

The best thing about your space is that you can make it whatever you want. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your outdoor living space. Lux Electric would love to consult with you on ideas you have and share spaces that we have helped create in the past! If you have a vision, it is our goal to make sure your electrical piece of the puzzle is taken care of just in time for you to host the best party of the summer.