DIY projects have boomed in the recent years for good reason. Who doesn’t want to save some of your hard earned money when you have the chance? Or challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort zone? We at Lux Electric are in full support of your DIY dream projects when it is appropriate to DIY. There are, however, electrical projects that are not wise to put on your at home honey-do list. When it comes to these electrical projects, please trust us and know that it is time to call a professional if any of these projects are on the horizon.

Replacing or Repairing an Electrical Panel

The complexity of any project is one way to determine if it is a good idea to call a professional. Any time you are replacing or repairing anything in your electrical panel, it is best to call in a professional. The panel contains service lugs that are dangerous to handle without the proper education and licensing. Some work may even need a permit or licensed electrician by law. It is best to call a licensed electrician when dealing with the electrical panel.

Installing New Switches

While replacing old switches that have gone bad may be something to add to your DIY list if you are confident in your skills, installing brand new switches is not. A licensed electrician is trained to check for hot wires and has all of the necessary tools to do the project safely and efficiently. If you are not familiar with the safety precautions to replace old switches, even that project is something that a licensed electrician can do. If it eases your mind of any mistakes or injuries that may occur, it is worth it. Crop faceless electrician using pliers for installation sockets and switches in new apartment

Work on the Weatherhead

A weatherhead, also called a service head, weathercap, service entrance cap, or gooseneck is a weatherproof service drop entry point where overhead power or telephone wires enter your home. There are about 200 amps that run through your weatherhead at any given time. That means making a mistake can not only be painful, but potentially deadly. It may seem like a lean of the pole could be easily straightened out, but don’t fall into that temptation. The weatherhead should definitely be left to a licensed electrician.

Rewiring Your Electrical System

Whether you added an addition or are working on a large remodel, rewiring your electrical system needs to be done by someone who is a licensed electrician. Rewiring is a job that could be exposing old wiring systems and is also something that needs to be checked by a licensed professional after the fact to ensure safety. Not only can a licensed electrician do the job properly and safely, but they are also aware of all the permits and legal requirements for a remodel or addition.

This list is not comprehensive, but it is a good starting point for electrical jobs that you should not attempt yourself. Reach out to Lux Electric any time to discuss if there is a project not on this list that you are curious about. And don’t be too discouraged if you are an up and coming DIY genius! Lux is all about empowering homeowners! Here are a few items that are safe for a homeowner to add to their DIY list. 

  • Replacing a light fixture
  • Rewire a broken lamp
  • Replace the plug on an extension cord
  • Add under cabinet lighting