Circuit Breaker label; Lux Electric; Des Moines, IADo you remember when you put too many devices on your outlet in the kitchen and they all stopped working? Or when you went to plug in your vacuum cleaner to an already full outlet and it stopped working? Your next move was probably to go to your electrical panel and see which circuit breaker had been tripped. It was hopefully clear which circuit breaker had been tripped by the way the switch was facing. It also should have been labeled to the exact location of where you were when this occurred. Let’s lay out how important that labeling piece is.

Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is a switch that controls power to a certain location in the house or building. A tripped circuit breaker is your electrical panel’s way of protecting the circuits from overheating. This is a good thing and should happen when you are overwhelming that circuit with technology, devices, etc.. When it is tripped, you should be able to unplug an item or two from that circuit, go downstairs to your electrical panel, and flip the switch back on. Your power should be restored to that outlet. 

LabelingCircuit, Breaker, Electricity, Control, Safety

Labeling your circuit breakers is essential to the safety of your home. Not only does this help you identify which room goes with which breaker, but it also allows you to control power to certain areas of the home if you are remodeling or trying to protect an area. If the labeling is done incorrectly, or not at all, it can be very dangerous for yourself and anyone else working on the electrical panel in your home. When you buy a new home, the chances are great that your electrical panel will already be labeled. It is a good idea to check it prior to moving in. You will also want to make sure any electrician doing work on your home updates when necessary. 

It is Important!

Adding a simple label like “SW bedroom” or “kitchen” seems like it might not make that big of a difference, but it is extremely important when it comes to electrical safety. Electricity is used every day, but many of us are not aware of the power and danger that can come when it is not handled with care. It might be a good week to find your electrical panel, look it over, and familiarize yourself with your circuit breakers for future reference. Stay safe and label your electrical panels!