When remodeling, adding an electrical panel might be part of your new project. If you are bold enough to take this on yourself, you should know some of the basics of electrical panel placement. 

Best Placement

The most economical choice when installing a new electrical panel will be to get one that is placed in the safest, most ideal location. This would include places that are dry and indoor. These are the safest locations to place electrical panels and will lead to the safest overall solution, putting your mind at ease in your new space. Electrical panels for these locations are the least expensive because they have the least amount of risk associated with them. 

Avoid TheseBlack Payment Terminal

Do they make and sell electrical panels for other locations? Yes. There are definitely times when electrical panels need to be placed in wet locations. These might include car washes or outdoor entertainment venues. These electrical panels come with a high price tag! Try to avoid placing electrical panels in bathrooms, kitchens, anywhere that changes temperatures drastically, or locations exposed to fumes, gases, vapors, etc.. 

Pay Attention To Specifications

Make sure that wherever you place this electrical panel, it is specified to function properly in that environment. They do make different panels for different locations specifically. Ex.: if you need to place an electrical panel somewhere damp, make sure that it is made for that location. Electrical panels are not somewhere that you should try and get around the safety requirements. 

As far as your home renovations are concerned, you should always aim to place an electrical panel in a dry, indoor location if you can help it. When in doubt, reach out to us at Lux Electric. We will be happy to help you ensure the safety and success of your next home project.