One of the best ways to customize your new home is with new lighting. It’s one of the easiest ways to make old rooms look new and to make the home fit your style. We aren’t talking about just changing out bulbs with higher efficiency options. We are talking about replacing outdated light fixtures with more modern fixtures and upgrading each area inside and outside. 

Inside Upgrades

  • Fixtures are a great place to start. When you walk through your new home, take note of what lighting fixturesKitchen Island and Barstools you like and what ones you don’t like. The light fixtures could be outdated or not your style! Either way, changing out the lighting fixture above your dining room table or in your primary bedroom can make a big difference in making a new house a home.
  • Installing dimmable lighting is also an option. A licensed electrician can make all of your mood lighting come to life with dimmable options. Dimmable lighting is an option that you can control from the light switch or a remote control. It is perfect for areas that you may want to change the mood such as a living room or dining room. It allows you to have full brightness when you want and also a more relaxed feel while watching a movie at night, or enjoying an at home date night with your partner in the dining room. 
  • Feature lighting is also a great option for setting the mood. It can be great above a fireplace or if there is a wall that you would like to bring attention to in the evening. Feature lighting can also be installed outdoors to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Outside Upgrades

  • Pathway lighting can be as simple or intricate as you would like. It is a great way to make guests feel welcome. It also makes your home stand out on the street. Not to mention, it is an added safety feature if you have teenagers coming home late at night. 
  • Porch lighting can often be overlooked. We like to turn our porch light on when we are expecting company in the evening, but the fixture itself can get overlooked. If you are updating the style of your new home, including the porch fixtures in this overhaul will make a difference in the overall flow of the home. 
  • Lastly, entertainment lighting is a fun upgrade to make. Hanging outdoor lighting above your patio or deck is an option. You can add in lights on the side of your home or in the ground around you. We can even run electrical outlets out to your backyard entertainment area to plug in cozy lamps depending on the environment you want to create. Always check to make sure what you choose is safe for the outdoors if you want to leave it there more permanently. 

Make it Yours

Overall, lighting can often be overlooked or an afterthought. If you include it in your overall design plan, it can really make a difference in your home! New lighting allows you to feel right at home, right away. If this is something you are interested in installing, call on us at Lux Electric. We are happy to do any indoor or outdoor lighting upgrades.