Is your garage due for a major electrical upgrade? Garages can simply be somewhere you house your cars overnight. They can also be used for so much more! Adding electrical upgrades to your garage will not only increase your home value, but it will also give you a great space to complete projects, have extra fridge or freezer storage, and much more. Whether you want to add electrical where there is none or make existing electrical safer and more user friendly, Lux Electric is a great resource for you. 

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Knowing the uses for your space will always be the first priority when adding or upgrading electrical. If you use a lot of power tools, run a side business out of your garage, or host band practice, your electrical needs are all very different! Before you make any final decisions, you will want to envision how your space will be used. Do you want simple options for small electrical needs or the option to expand in the future? The opportunities are endless. After all, nobody has ever asked to remove an outlet because they have too many.

Make an Electrical Plan

Based on what your electrical needs are, together we can make a plan. Will your home electrical panel be enough to support your garage needs? Would it be safer to add a subpanel to your garage for local control and access? A licensed electrician can give recommendations based on your needs for what will be safest and most convenient for your home. This plan will also help your electrical contractor know where they fit into the larger goal. Knowing if other trades will be in the garage or if electrical is the only contractor upgrading at the moment will help ensure that they have the correct tools for the job.

Upgrade and Enjoy

Free Black Classic Car Inside the Garage Stock PhotoOnce your needs are discussed and a plan is made, you can let the electrician get to work and see your dreams come to life. Execution of electrical upgrades may take a day or a week depending on how elaborate the project is. It is a good idea to pick a contractor you are comfortable with. This will help the lines of communication to stay open throughout the project. The electrical upgrades are yours to enjoy once the work is completed! 

Lux Electric services residential areas looking for this upgrade and expansion of electrical in the home and garage. Reach out today for a specific plan and recommendation for your electrical goals. We are happy to make them happen!