In a perfect world, everyone would do electrical work by the book and in a safe fashion, but unfortunately that is not always the case. If you are doing any renovations in your home, you might run into some electrical problems that you didn’t expect. When you see an electrical situation that doesn’t seem “right”, how should you handle that? 

First of all, faulty electrical wiring is not something to take lightly. Even with proper knowledge, faulty electrical power can cause fire or extreme shock. If you have a hunch that something is not right, it is always a good idea to call a professional to take a look at it. 

What should you look for when trying to determine if your electrical wiring is safe? Look at things like:

  • frayed cordsFree An Opened Switchbox Stock Photo
  • chewed cords maybe by a rodent 
  • A burning smell or heat coming from the wiring
  • damaged electrical appliances
  • loose looking connections
  • pinched, cracked, or pierced wire insulation

You also want to consider the elements the electrical system is facing. If it is indoors, outdoors, in a space that could get water, or in a dry area. These elements can contribute to the danger of the above issues. 

If you run into any electrical problems, your first reaction might be to ignore your gut and convince yourself that it is probably fine. This, however, will most likely just prolong the inevitable. The best action to take is to contact a professional right away to get someone to take a look at it. Home electrical fires account for about 51,000 fires each year. It is better to get it looked at and corrected than worry if you could be in that number. Lux Electric takes electrical safety very seriously and wants you to feel safe and secure when you go to bed each night.